Work Fellowships


A network of hundreds of national service programs (including City Year, Food Corps, Public Allies, and Teach for America) to foster civic engagement in the U.S.

Archer (UT system-wide)

Experiential learning in Washington, DC, to cultivate leaders among undergraduate, graduate, and medical students from the University of Texas system 

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Linked opportunities and search database for health-related fellowships, based on degree(s) attained

Echoing Green

Provides seed-stage funding for founders of social impact organizations and for foundational support

FAO Schwarz

Two-year placement in social impact organization to develop knowledge and leadership abilities

Kleiner Perkins Fellowships

Placement in Silicon Valley startup

Presidential Management Fellowship

Two-year commitment to leadership development work with trajectory of government service, for those who have earned an advanced degree

Venture for America

Two-year fellowship for recent grads who want to work at startups and create jobs in U.S. cities

White House Fellowship

A year-long fellowship to work with senior White House staff, Cabinet Secretaries, and other high-ranking government officials 

Council for International Education Exchange (CIEE)

Hosts a variety of exchange programs for a range of groups, from high school students to researchers and professionals; includes teaching English abroad opportunities  

Foreign Affairs Information Technology Fellowship

For those with IT-related degrees who wish to use technology for diplomacy, with five-year commitment to this niche in the Foreign Service

Institute of International Education (IIE)

Hosts a number of programs (including Fulbright) for international education all over the world  


For students with limited prior experience in Asia to learn a language and get professional placement in Asia (must be nominated by university; administered at UT by Elizabeth Korves)

Middle East and North Africa Regional Fellowship (MENAR)

Offers recent graduates year-longs placements in leading organizations in the Middle East and North Africa region 

Peace Corps

27-month service opportunity for immersion in community abroad working with local stakeholders for change


Year-long fellowships to develop leaders committed to advancing organizations on the African continent


Year-long service-oriented placements for recent college graduates at host organizations in Asia to meet their needs (120-year-old organization)

Princeton-in-Latin America

Year-long placements for recent college graduates in NGOs and multilateral organizations in the service sector in Latin America and the Caribbean